The Centre for Unemployed Youth Development Trust plays a critical role in advancing the standard of life of rural areas of Namakkal district and in many other districts in Tamilnadu. Our programme has expanded significantly over the past many years, which has been made possible by the hard work of its Trustees and dedicated Staff team.

We have established education to raise awareness and develop new thinking and skills in youth through our institutional programs, such as K.S. Maniam College of Education, K.S. Maniam Institute of Teacher Training, K.S. Maniam Vidhya Bhavan and K.S. Maniam Skills Centre.

We believe that delivering dedicated services to the rural community will be a crucial part of successful urban community, lest rural masses will immigrate in to urban places and chaos will start. Our future work will focus on the link between compact, connected and accessible urban works and long-term value for rural development.
Year by year, we have been developing our institutions under the umbrella of K.S.Maniam Group of Institutions, a seal to the Centre for Unemployed Youth Development Trust (CUYD Trust). Having successfully launched UrbanPlan in the UK, we are also now actively exploring the roll out of the initiatives in other districts, and hope we will soon make our foot prints in other states of India.
This development of the institutions immediately saw increased support and participation from the community people. 2016-17 was generally pretty quiet on our education front and community development front, since we are improving our presence not only in the community, but in the internet as well. Though we have established our presence in the internet through past many years, we host now, a fully fledged, website for the Centre for Unemployed Youth Development Trust (CUYD Trust). We will keep adding many interesting features and contents to this website in the come days.
With love to all,