As part of K.S.Maniam Foundation’s various innovations, K.S.Maniam Skills Centre was created at Irukkur in the year 2017 to cater to the need of non-regular educated, opportunity-denied youngsters, yet they possess undiscovered skills.

The Skills Centre is committed to strengthening the communities of the Irukkur village and surrounding places in Kabilarmalai area in P.Velur taluk. At our skills centre, we have been intimately engaged in community development through providing employment assistance services, programs and services for youth, training opportunities and support, poverty reduction initiatives, workforce development, information and services in trades and technology, and community economic development through initiatives such as social enterprise.

The K.S.M. Skills Centre mainly provides Occupational Skills Training to the clients with the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain employment in a given occupation. It is provided for skills that are in-demand in the local job market and suitable to address the Client’s employment related needs. Under PMKVY scheme of Central Government of India, K.S.M. Skills Centre provides free training to support clients who would like to start a business and have an idea that is appropriate, based on the local job market.

Women’s Empowerment

Women are to help women break the cycle of inferiority and weaker life system through education and employment training. At K.S.M.Skills Centre, we help women identify their interests and skills to develop long-term career goals. Centre’s vital strength is to help participants end isolation, learn and support each other in a confident environment, and learn how to build their own personal and community supports – skills that last a lifetime!

Through the Arts & Craft training of the Centre, each woman develops individual short-term goals and action steps that support their immediate and long-term work towards personal and economic independence. Women have the opportunity to focus their energies on their income generation plans, and achieve concrete, measurable successes that support their livelihood through the program.

#1. Namakkal

#2. Madurai ( Town)

#3. Madurai Tirumangalam

#4. Sattur

#5. Gopalpatty

#6. Palani

#7. Kangayam